Smokeless E-Cigarette

        E-Cigarettes or Vapour inhaler  

I never knew about this.  No offensive cigarette odours so you can smoke anytime, anywhere.  No combustion, ash or smoke.  It's vapour!

Here I've quit smoking on and off now for 20 yrs. 
Cold Turkey.  And am still struggling.

Where the hell were these when I smoked?
Or even when I quit?

E-Cigarettes or vapour-less cigarettes are operated on a lithium battery and filled with liquid nicotine (highly addictive). They look and feel just like the real thing, maybe a little bigger.  You can use anywhere.

By the prices advertised I would imagine it costs more to smoke these than regular smokes.  One company offers just one E-Cigarette for $17.95.  The reason I quit in the first place, too expensive.

They've got different brands and different designs.  If you don't like plain white paper looking smokes you could get a designer colour, ( the El Paso, the Cooperstown, the Chicago, a lot more in price though) even one for women, with an elegant design.  Starter kits for beginners.  Different flavours, Bombshell for Turkish tobacco lovers, Mint a burst of menthol goodness, classic American Blend, Passion Fruit exotically sweet and fruity.

You have to buy batteries, you need more than one.  You know what it's like running out of cigarettes.  You'll need Cartridges, Chargers, USB ports, Tips, Straps, Car Adaptors, Wall Adaptors, Universal Adapters, UK Adaptors in case your going to visit the Queen in London, Power-cigs, Notebook-cigs for the office, Charger Cases, soft or metal, even leather, charms and bracelets, accessories coming out of their yin yangs, enough to put you in the poor house.

Try smoking one of these in a theatre or a restaurant.  I don't think so!

They say it will help you quit smoking, the FDA wants to regulate them.  Right now there are no laws prohibiting the use in public places.  

The down side: there are no health warnings on packaging, no proper labelling, or instructions on how to use or any mention of safe disposal methods.  Some cigarettes are known to have leaked, causing toxic exposure to nicotine
(burning of the skin).  Causes acute pulmonary effects after smoking it for 5 minutes.  Increased impedance, peripheral airway flow resistance, and oxidative stress.

In conclusion:  E-Cigarettes may contain toxic materials deemed not safe for humans.  The companies that make these cigs, don't need to submit a clinical study so the public has no way of knowing if it is killing them or not.  They may increase addiction to nicotine also.

And here I thought that vaporizers were only sold in head shops for smoking marijuana.  I had no idea.  Now, I don't give a shits ass. I'm a non-smoker.  Tobacco cigarettes that is.

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