Call Foul - Natalee Dennis

Rioter Gets Slap on Her Wrist

First Aboriginal Indian Sentenced
In Stanley Cup Riots.

I was shocked today when I heard the news, that Natalee Dennis, a young 
23yr old First Nations Aboriginal woman living on a reservation near Tofino on Vancouver Island, was sentenced to what I consider a slap on the wrist.  The first Aboriginal Indian to be charged in any Canadian riot in 12 years.

I never knew there were laws passed that treated Aboriginal Indians differently!

Why? You ask Do they have different laws?
Since they come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are discriminated against.

I am not making this up.

She was the first to turn herself in, 


They would have caught her anyway.
Since she posed for cameras as she tore off the door of a police cruiser, 
drunk out of her mind at the time.  She then tried to flip it.

This riot cost taxpayers $4 million.

The crown was going for:

4 to 6 moths in jail

What she got:

A leniant 4 month conditional sentence, where she has to stay at home, 
one year probation and 80 hours of community service.

I have a feeling this sentence had alot to do with not upsetting the natives with their "Idle No More" demands.

And, it makes light off the fact, she was drunk and wasn't responsible for her actions.

There is something wrong with this sentencing.

What do you think?

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