Someone Must Have Thought Judas Iscariot Was A Nice Guy

When asked the question, who do you think is or was the most hated person that ever lived? You might say as others would; Hitler, Stalin, bin Laden, the list goes on. I've even heard George Bush number two, being the most hated man and Obama, now closing the gap running a close second. Right now, Bill Cosby seems to be the focus of much hatred. 

Here in Canada, it used to be Stephen Harper, but he's far from being considered the most hated man that ever lived. People forget about Judas Iscariot with his infamous kiss, the number 12 head honcho in the Jesus clan, definitely the most hated man that ever lived. Talk about holding a grudge, this one's been held for over two thousand years...

Let's profile the man: He was personally selected by Nathaniel, who must have found something nice about the guy to introduce him to Jesus. Born in Kerioth, a small town south of Judea. He was spoiled by his parents and their only son, a loner. He grew up learning the family business until he decided to become a preacher working with John the Baptist. That was the beginning of his problems, his parents were Sadducees, they disowned him. That scenario sounds very familiar, doesn't it? Where parents reject their own kid because they won't conform to their standards, an example would be a gay child coming out being rejected. Same thing. 

Judas didn't trust people and was always seeking revenge of some kind. He kept his personal life personal, not even allowing Jesus into that space. A poor loser, he wouldn't play fair and often bragged about his social status and self-importance, misrepresenting himself and the acts of his friends. He was single and young, thirty when he joined the other apostles. The most educated of them all and the only Judean. He became treasurer of Jesus' business affairs and was good at it.  There was nothing outstanding about him except his uppity attitude. He failed miserably at trying to understand himself and was always blaming others for his misfortunes because he didn't like to face facts.

Judas didn't think that much of Jesus either, only that he was good-looking and charming. He held onto his Judean prejudices against Galileans' in general and just couldn't understand why the other 11 apostles thought Jesus, as the perfect man. He often would criticize Jesus under his breath, doubting him.

Not one of the others ever criticized him, as far as they were concerned Judas was a good man and they loved him. Money was not the reason for his betrayal. Jesus understood this from their first meeting and realized the dangers in admitting Judas into the group, but as his nature, was willing to give everyone a chance, right up until the end he tried everything he could to transform and save Judas.

Judas finally started to resent Jesus and became suspicious of his friends when in front of everyone, a woman broke an expensive box at Jesus' feet. (Mark 14 1-5) 

He couldn't believe Jesus and the others forgave her and raised a fuss, about the cost of the box and its contents. Jesus basically told him (in a nice way that only Jesus could) to, shut-the-fuck-up, right in front of everyone, embarrassing the hell out of Judas.  

Jesus kept pulling Judas aside telling him to shape up or ship out. How dare him, Judas thought, to tell me how to behave! Judas would seek revenge for this kind of treatment. Who does he think he is anyway, God?

His griefs multiplied, his sorrows and anxieties increased, his despair became so deep he almost couldn't stand it. To bad they didn't have the psych-drugs they have today. Things might have had a different outcome. 

After it was all over and Judas was found out that he betrayed Jesus, the other 11 apostles were horrified, but Jesus; he forgave him and only regarded his betrayer with pity. The world on the other hand has never forgiven him. 

Judas' main problem was in his personality. He had many psychic, emotional and spiritual problems, a paranoid schizophrenic, emotionally loveless and unforgiving, arrogant and selfishly ambitious, a social retard. As in life he shunned those who loved him and in death was friendless.

These are the factors that transformed an otherwise well-meaning and at one time sincere believer in Jesus into the most hated man to have ever lived, Judas Iscariot.

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If You Are A Moral Person - Will You Be Guaranteed Happiness?

What if I asked you this question, "If you act morally does that guarantee you will be happy, and on the other hand if you acted immorally does that guarantee your unhappiness?"

Morality and happiness are two different things caught in a Virtuous Cycle but there is a relationship between the two. We all desire to make relationships. Being kind and trustworthy and moral will get a positive reaction, which enhances our chances to be happy. Likewise, being a prick enhances our chance at being unhappy.

There are and I'm not denying it, lots of happy tyrants. Somewhat alone, but still happy are some of the many immoralists and hermits of this world, however if you are anything like me, you rely on the kindness and the good will of others to be happy...

Social relationships are the most important sources of happiness. We all want to be loved by others. So, if you act immorally it may pay off in the short-term, winning friends but in the longer scheme of things, people will eventually see your short comings and your happiness will be in jeopardy.

Do you still gain happiness just by appearing moral? It appears so. A virtuous person is bound by moral obligations to achieve happiness. A non-virtuous person appearing to be virtuous enjoys exactly the same amount of happiness that a moral person would, but will be able to use, manipulate and exploit different moral and immoral situations to their advantage, enhancing their chances at happiness. Thus, it is more important to appear moral than to be moral, for maximum happiness.

If the desire to be happy comes into conflict with being moral then, why be moral? If to pursue happiness is rational, then to be immoral is rational also.

It is said that your happiness will be the direct result of your actions." I might add, "No matter if done morally or immorally."

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Anima Mundi - The Connection Between All Things

Why would someone believe that the earth, the stars, the galaxies, space itself has one soul and that all our souls are part of one huge singular soul? That's everything; rocks, mountains, trees, animals, oceans, Mars, you name it, all being one.

In Latin, the word Anima Mundi, means the soul of the world, our world as being a living thing, with a soul and an intelligence of its own. One single visible living entity containing all other living entities on the planet, which by nature are all connected. 

Connected in the same way our soul is connected to our bodies. Plato, a student of Socrates came up with the idea and the theory and as far as the rest of the people at the time were concerned, it sounded pretty believable... 

Carl Jung even related Anima Mundi, to his Theory of Synchronicity. Two or more unrelated events happening together in a manner which seems deliberate, the outcome meaningful, all being pieces of the whole.

In Hellenistic philosophy all people are manifestations of the one universal spirit. In Hindi a Sanskrit word meaning the soul, the self is connected to all things. The forces of nature, believed by Yin-Yang'ers, are all interconnected.

Are we just a small part of a whole? A cog in the wheel, a grain of sand, one of trillions that make up a beach. It's worth looking into and debating.

Anima Mundi the connection between all things. We are all one.


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"The Boozing Barber" Gilbert Paul Jordan - Vancouver's Very Own Serial Killer

Gilbert Paul Jordan was a barber, he was also a convicted thief and a rapist, a kidnapper and a serial killer.  He killed between 8-10 native women but only was convicted of one of the deaths. His choice of weapon, liquor. The first person known to have used liquor as a weapon.

Jordan began his killing spree in 1965, selecting Aboriginal girls working the Downtown Eastside. He'd go to bars and buy girls drinks or pick up girls off the street invite them back to his barber shop, got them drunk and when they passed out would pour alcohol down their throats until they died from alcohol poisoning, or drowned. Jordan himself would consume 50 ounces of vodka a day.

When the bodies were discovered, mostly aboriginal, alcoholics and  prostitutes, the police paid no attention...

He got a 15 year sentence for the death of his first victim, but was released after 9. After his release the police issued this warning to the public:

JORDAN, Gilbert Paul, age 73, is the subject of this alert. JORDAN is 175cm (5'9") tall and weighs 79kgs (174lbs) [sic]. He is partially bald with grey hair and a grey goatee. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. JORDAN is currently in the Victoria area but has no fixed address. JORDAN has a significant criminal record including manslaughter and indecent assault of a female. He uses alcohol to lure his victims. JORDAN's target victim group is adult females. JORDAN is subject to court ordered conditions including:
- Abstain absolutely from the consumption of alcohol.
- Not to be in the company of any female person or persons in any place where alcohol is being either consumed or possessed by that person or persons.
If you observe the subject in violation of any of the above conditions please call the Saanich Police Department.

Gilbert Paul Jordan

He's been immortalized on television (Exhibit A), an inspiration to the first couple of episodes of Di Vinci's Code, even written about in books and plays.

Gilbert Paul Jordan, was a true narcissist. He died and showed no empathy and showed no remorse. In an interview with the then Sun Newspaper's Jim Beatty, he was quoted as saying:

“I didn’t give a damn who I was with. I mean, we’re all dying sooner or later, whether it’s in this bar, across the street, or wherever.”

Jordan died in 2006, to elated women's groups around the city. But that relief was short lived. Another psychopath, a more sinister sadistic killer than Jordan, was making his presence known on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Streets, his name was Robert Pickton who would kill 53 women, on his pig farm in Port Coquitlam. 

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'Jacob's Ladder' and the 'Stairway to Heaven' - They're All Over The Place

From the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis: A man named Jacob had a dream, after fleeing his brother Esau who was trying to kill him. In this dream he saw a ladder, or a staircase that went all the way from Earth to Heaven, a tall, tall, straight ladder.

This ladder must have had some kind of traffic sign on it, giving you directions that Heaven, was Up! and Earth Down. Angels were climbing up and down it. Hence the name, 'Jacob's Ladder,' often referred to as; the 'Stairway to Heaven.'

Today, there are literally hundreds around the world, all claiming to be Jacob's Ladder or the Stairway to Heaven.

In America, Route #20 which goes from coast to coast is often referred to as Jacob's Ladder... 
There's a train trestle bridge in New Hampshire, even a trail going from the top of the Grand Canyon to the bottom, all claiming to be Jacob's Ladder.

New Zealand has a bridge and a staircase consisting of 279 steps, both commonly known as Stairways to Heaven.

Australia has three different staircases. All claiming to be Jacob's Ladder.

The United Kingdom has beaches, shortcuts, bridges, three or more pathways, and staircases cut into sides of mountains, all Jacob's Ladders.

We sing about it, we play video games about it. 'Jacob's Ladder' and the 'Stairway to Heaven' they're all over the place.

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Londonia - The New Islamic City, Once Called London

I don't want to scare anyone, but it was bound to happen. I thought it would be much later but it's happening today. London has finally succumbed to Islamic Sharia Law.

The renaming of London is now underway and will soon be revealed and from hence forth, London shall be known as 'Londonia' the new Islamic capital of the British Empire, that's if the Muslims get their way.

Today, in the British Isles, Islam is the second largest religion with over 3 million Muslims, 4.4% of the population, 50% were not born there. They were immigrants. The other 50% is from a surge of rapid births.

As Ali said, "Go, spread, multiply." He meant it...

 "Git, spread the word."

And that they are doing, maybe some innocently and unknowingly, just following Ali's word, or purposefully taking his word literally and multiplying like flies.

Christians on the other hand are trying to keep families to one or two children but Muslims are having 5-6-7 or as many children as they can, having huge families.

In some communities of London, Muslims now rule the streets, the businesses, the police, politics and are imposing Sharia Law on everyone who lives there and soon will be renaming London, Londonia, the new capital city of Islam.

Could it be happening over here in North America?

Time - The Fourth Dimension - You Either Have Too Much Of It Or Not Enough

Time what is it? We use a calendar invented over 6000 years ago to measure it, first by tracking the orbits of the moon, the sun and stars, turning that info into days, weeks, months and years and if that weren't enough had to dissect time so we invented the clock, using seconds, minutes and hours to measure it. But do we actually know what we are measuring?

It's an age old question that scientists are baffled by and cannot as of yet fully explain. We refer time to be the Fourth Dimension. The others are length, width and height, which is all we need to know, but there are other non-proven speculative extra dimensions. Time will tell.

Religion, governments, philosophers and scientists have two theories of what time is...

1.  Time is a dimension, a fundamental part of the universe, independent of events in which events happen in sequence.

2.  Time is neither an event nor a thing (dimension)  and cannot be measured, nor travelled.

Time is very useful when calculating and counting and measuring. Without having time involved, we couldn't do any of that, there would be no technology, no navigation, no astronomy, no advancements.

Time has an economic value, we've all heard the term, 'Time is money.' but in actuality, time is more expensive than money because you can use your time to make money but you can't use money to buy you more time.

Time also has social value. How many times have you been late, or early? Someone had to be watching the time, whatever time it was, at the time. 

Time has a personal value too, especially when talking about death, another term we've all heard, 'He doesn't have much time left.'

Time, you either have too much on your hands with nothing to do or, too little time, with no time to do anything. Which will it be? Either way, you have the same amount of time. You can't have too much nor too little, you'll always have the same amount of time. 

Remember, we measure it, that's why the calendar and the clock was invented.

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Are You A Psychopath. One Question Will Tell You If You Are. 'The Funeral Question'

A psychopath has a personality disorder characterized by anti-social behaviour. They show no empathy towards others and are usually bold, disinhibited and have egotistical traits. You might not know one if he or she were looking you in the face. On the average, you walk past seven psychopaths a day. Could you be one of them?

Do you ever make plans or have a regular schedule that you follow? Psychopaths in general don't. They're more the spur-of-the-moment type of persons, changing directions on the spot whenever it's desired.

Psychopaths love to cheat on their mates. They even think it's okay as long as they don't get caught and go all out, covering their asses with alibies and excuses, resorting sometimes to down out and out lying...

Are you a leader, persuasive and can easily get other people to do what you want, no matter how many toes you have to step on to get ahead? If they get hurt in the process, it's their problem and has nothing to do with you. In fact, you might think they deserved it.

Do you feel empathy, for an animal that's in distress, suffering and in pain? How about a child? Or an elderly person? Do you even have that emotion called empathy? Do you know what it feels like to feel for someone else's plight?

Can you answer this question? It's called the 'Funeral Question.' With this one question psychologists can determine if you are a psychopath or not. Of course, this is just playing and in actuality, the Funeral Question is an urban myth. Psychologists would ask an array of in-depth questions. One question wouldn't work, because there are too many variables. But here it is anyway, the Funeral Question.

A young girl was standing beside her mother's casket at her funeral, when she looked over and saw a man standing on the other side of the casket. She didn't recognize him but was very attracted to him, and instantly fell in love with him. She could have kicked herself for not getting his phone number when she had the chance, now he had gone. A few days later the young girl killed her sister. Can you tell me why?

The correct response; the girl killed her sister so the man would come to her funeral and the girl could hook-up with him, or at least they could meet.

If you thought of this answer then you might be a psychopath. Most serial killers and rapists would say the same thing. Sorry!

If I were you, I'd get myself checked by a psychologist and you better hurry! You may be a psychopath.

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In The Grand Scheme Of The Universe - What Counts As Life?

Does life exist outside of our solar system?

We all recognise life when placed in front of us. Dirt, rocks, water they're not alive, but trees and plants are. Motor vehicles, or a building are not alive. Fire grows and uses energy, is it alive?

Biologists believe, to be alive something has to extract energy from its environment to maintain itself, use some kind of metabolism and be able to get rid of any waste material and have an outer boundary such as skin to distinguish it from its environment but most of all, it must be able to reproduce or replicate itself.

A virus has some of the characteristics mentioned above, but is considered half-alive. Is that life? Fires can replicate themselves but have no membrane, no skin. Fire is simply a chemical reaction that produces a lot of heat...

Fire is not alive, but some people believe it has a mind of its own, just ask someone from Fort McMurray. They'll tell you. 

The James Webb Space Telescope

Soon, probably within the next generation of telescopes, such as the new James Webb Space Telescope, which will detect waste gases of life on other planets and will soon find such gases for the ingredients for life, along with their waste products, which without a doubt, would be evidence that yes, there is life outside of the Earth and we'll know for sure then, that we are not alone and that there is life outside of our solar system.

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4:20 April 20 - A Time For Marijuana Users To Celebrate - Prohibition is Over

There was once a group of students who called themselves 'The Waldos' because they hung out near a wall on the grounds of the San Rafael High School, meeting at the Louis Pasteur statue. With maps in hand, they used the term 4:20 as a code to meet after school to go searching for marijuana fields that were left abandoned after growers reaped their crops. 

The term 4:20 has taken on a new meaning since.  It refers to a socially acceptable time to smoke pot. April 20th is observed as a gathering day for people to celebrate.

Vancouver's Sunset Beach, is the place to meet. Today at 4:20. Tens of thousands will be there. Though still illegal, it will be the place to be today.

Prohibition is over. The decriminalization and legalizing of pot finally coming true. 

Please share, if you agree...

Let the world know, that we, us Canadians are a civilized people.

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