Remember Tommy Sullivan, the Teen that Killed his Mother with his Boy Scout Knife?

What would make a child want to kill his own mother?

Demonic Possession to Blame. 

On January 8th, 1988 in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, a boy only 14 years of age interested in the occult and heavy-metal music, killed his mother using his Boy Scout knife, stabbing her 12 times then after writing a suicide note full of Satan-like symbols and cult references, set fire to the family's house by igniting the chesterfield, hoping to kill his father and brother while the two slept, then he killed himself, slitting his throat and wrists, with the same knife he killed his mother. 

After killing her, he put all his occult books in a circle around the living-room couch and set them on fire. His father woke and put the fire out before it spread and before he realized what really had happened.

The boy, Thomas Sullivan Jr. was found dead, the next morning on the next door neighbours lawn.

In the boys bedroom investigators discovered several books on the Occult and Satan worship along with the suicide note. He had been arguing with his mother that evening over his obsession with the Devil. After killing her, he put all his occult books in a circle around the living-room couch and set them on fire.

If only the parents would have heeded Thomas's teachers concerns about demonic possession. They reported to his mother that he was acting quite strange prior to killing her. It only took 2 weeks for the boy to turn from toy trains to a satanic killer.  

Thomas's friend, another young boy interested in the occult, told investigators that Thomas wanted to form an occult group at school, he confided in him, saying that the Devil has been visiting him for awhile and is telling him to kill his parents.

About 700 towns people organized at the school, after becoming alarmed an unknown force may be behind Thomas Sullivan Jr.'s actions, associating devil worship with heavy drug use, heavy metal-music and the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons.  

Years later, similar drawings and graffiti to the ones found in Tommy's bedroom were found in an abandoned resort painted on the walls, including drawings of a half-man, half-goat figure with cloven hooves, a pentagram and the "666" insignia of Satan. A head of a dismembered goat was found at a ritual site in a thickly forested area, near the Jefferson township.

One book found in Tommy's room, The Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey is in heavy demand and usually sold out.

In a way, I'm glad I don't have kids.

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