There Are More Women In Hell and Less in Heaven

In Islamic religion atrocities against women have been carried on throughout the centuries. The name of Islam getting a bad rap. Islamists say mistreatment of women is actually a cultural phenomenon not a religious one.

But I'd have to disagree.

It's written Muhammad beat his wives, he even let his friends beat his wives.  Hell, they even beat their own wives. In the Qur'an Muhammad commanded that beating a rebellious wife was part of controlling her, but he warned, don't hit her in the face.  She has a right not to be hit in the face.

The Qur'an tells man, "Women are your fields, go then, into your fields whence you please.  Muhammad warned women to accommodate their husband's sexual desires. He also said, virgin women are a reward for Muslim men in heaven. Islam is a polygamist religion, there is polygamy in heaven.  A Muslim male is allowed many wives and slave girls. 

Muhammad said personally he had a preference for young girls, at 52 years of age Muhammad married a 9 year old, the cultural attitude at the time; a perfect Muslim life.  A woman should not be given in marriage until she has been consulted, then she expresses her permission by keeping silent when asked for her consent.  Her silence means she gives consent.

The head covering is so no one recognizes her.

In a hadith, the Prophet said, "A testimony of a woman is only half of that of a man because of the deficiency of the women's mind."

They say women are unclean and that there are more women in hell and less in heaven. A woman is like a rib, if you try to straighten her, she'll break.

It's hard to believe in this time and age that there are men who agree with all of the above.

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