The Good Ole Days Sitting Around the Kitchen Table

We'd all pull up a chair. Someone would already be dealing, shuffling a deck of cards.

We were playing a game of Fish.

A card game, geared for children under twelve.

Those table and chair sets. The punishment they endured. I think my dad recovered it a few times. One year the chairs would be red, the next yellow. All the feet had a plastic cap that could be changed in a whim. Usually one would fall off and get lost, making it wobble when you sat in it.

One chair would always have a burn mark in it or a tear. That one would be in the back. The hardest spot to get to. We'd have to move the table somewhat to get in it!

The table was made from Arborite, a Canadian product, similar to Formica. Years and years of wiping it, wore down the shine in spots. A few deep scratches here and there. It had a chrome edge, that seemed to collect odd jams and sauces.

I'm sure ours is now in a land fill somewhere, the metal recycled. The Arborite lasting well into the future. Memories of the kitchen table the only thing left. Someday those too, will be gone.

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