The "Continuing-of-Life-Experience"... After Death.

I hesitate to believe anyone who claims to have had an "After-Life-Experience" or "Near-Death-Experience," after being declared clinically dead.  

We've all read about people telling of their experiences under anesthesia, as being a huge void, an abyss, a black hole, a nothingness. Some even tell of having an "Out-of-body Experience," levitating up out of their bodies to the ceiling and watching themselves. Questionable! Floating through a tunnel, aiming for a white light, there's always a reference to a white light. God inviting you enter. Questionable! Or the opposite going to hell, seeing suffering, torment , etc. The devil, questionable!

Much like it was before you were born, they say, which is also questionable. All these experiences are questionable.

It has even be measured. Scientists at the death lab, have noticed a slight decrease in weight as soon as death occurs.  Ummm... I wonder how that is accomplished. Do people lay on a scale somewhere, waiting for death to arrive? Do they turn to the death scientist and say, "I think I'm going now, go get the scale!" Where is this lab?

If you believe a person could be aware of an after life? Then it couldn't be an "After-Life-Experience" but the existence of life still continuing after the soul leaves the physical body.  

We shouldn't be calling these events as "Near-Death-Experiences." Maybe, a better title would be 

"The Continuing-of-Life-Experience."

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