A Tramp Soul — They Can't Leave This Earthly Plane

A Tramp Soul — They Can't Leave This Earthly Plane
You wake up one day and find yourself dead. It may be shocking at first, to find yourself floating around, dead, bound to Earth's Plane. You may notice no one see's you, no one can hear you and yelling is futile. No one is paying any attention to you, as if you aren't there...

The Story of My Purity

written by Francesco Pacifico
A book review

The Pope John Paul II, Jewish?

Piero Rosini, poor Piero.  Getting older. In a sexless marriage.
Turns to god, to become a publisher for the lord. He moves to Rome and gets to work, editing books including one that claims the Pope is secretly Jewish.  

He's a breast man, nicknamed Chewbacca, he's over sexed and in lust with his sister-in-law. 

This book is hard to read and I got lost a few times, as he ranted on changing subjects mid-sentence. Don't get me wrong. The book is well written. Just not my cup of tea. I almost stopped mid-way but like a phobia I have, I have to finish what I start.

I give it three stars.  ***

Dog Brindle 

About the author
Francesco Pacifico a Italian artist, has written a number of Italian publications. He lives in Rome.

Like most of the books I read, this one came from the Surrey Public Library. On the shelf Books We Liked

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