The Alexander Oparin Theory - The Ultimate Love Story

The Alexander Oparin Theory - The Ultimate Love Story
It's in the early stages of Earth development. Billions of years ago... The world is void of oxygen. Elements like; Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen are brewing a cocktail of ammonia and methane, like a bowl of soup. There is no life.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Story of My Purity

written by Francesco Pacifico
A book review

The Pope John Paul II, Jewish?

Piero Rosini, poor Piero.  Getting older. In a sexless marriage.
Turns to god, to become a publisher for the lord. He moves to Rome and gets to work, editing books including one that claims the Pope is secretly Jewish.  

He's a breast man, nicknamed Chewbacca, he's over sexed and in lust with his sister-in-law. 

This book is hard to read and I got lost a few times, as he ranted on changing subjects mid-sentence. Don't get me wrong. The book is well written. Just not my cup of tea. I almost stopped mid-way but like a phobia I have, I have to finish what I start.

I give it three stars.  ***

Dog Brindle 

About the author
Francesco Pacifico a Italian artist, has written a number of Italian publications. He lives in Rome.

Like most of the books I read, this one came from the Surrey Public Library. On the shelf Books We Liked

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