Time - You can never get enough!

Remember when you were young...

The endless Summers. Sleepy dog days. Two months of bliss. July and August months that made going to school worth while! So bored with nothing to do. 

You'd call a friend, 

"What do you want to do? 
I'm so bored,"

Time - You Can Never Get Enough!

Some of us had to work. I didn't. Then again I had no money. A friend of mine—who disappeared every summer and went tobacco picking on his family farm in Southern Ontario—would come back a week before school, loaded with money, new duds, orange hands (from the nicotine laden tobacco plant), and a new car! I was always amazed, with the car, every summer, even though it was used.

Me, I wore the same shoes walking, not driving to school, as the year before. The same pants, shirts, shorts, socks underwear, too! Coat. But a little more threadbare than last.

Then the school year would begin...

The days dragged on, you kept falling asleep in class. When will you graduate? You put in the time. When will that bell ring?

You graduate and get a job...

Your desk faces the clock. You see it when you enter. Eight o'clock! You watch it all day long. It ticks, ticks, ticks. You wait for your morning break. Lunch time! The boss walks in, you try to look busy. He's in his office. You watch the clock some more. Stretch. Wait for your afternoon break. Then it's time to go home, it's five. 

Now you're older...

You didn't get enough sleep, where did the night go? All I do is sleep. You have to run, no time for breakfast only coffee.  
Hurry, hurry, you'll be late. Kid's! What kid's?
Rush, rush. 
Nine o'clock.  You have to get to bed. 

"I haven't enough time," you say.
I need time for this, time for that. Time to go here and time to go there. It takes so long.  

"I won't be too long," 

You forgot your wallet!

"I won't get a ticket," 
You say to yourself.  

You come back, your car has been towed, plus a forty dollar ticket. Speaking of tickets.

Now you're retired...

You have to rush to the Lottery Centre

"Do I have time, I hope I'm not late."

And everyone yells at you to, slow down,

"You're going to give yourself a heart attack!  What's the rush?" 

Then you remember... 
you forgot your wallet. You kick yourself because this was the time you thought you were going to win.

Time, you can never get enough!

Dog Brindle

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