Haunted Wringer Washer

When I was a kid...

We had an old wringer washer like the one in the picture.  You had to fill it with a hose, from the old iron double sink. It also, sat down in a dark, damp basement, with one single light bulb hanging from the beams as in the picture. 

No one wanted to go down there and do their laundry. Especially alone. We'd hang up the wet clothing on rope lines, stringing like a spider's web across the basement, corner to corner, because the gas dryer sitting over on the other side in the darker corner had a pilot light that would never stay lit.

Why was it haunted? You Ask.

A ghost story... for sure.

I remember the first haunting experience, we had with that old wringer washer. I was coming home from school, grade seven or eight. My sister, a year older was expecting to arrive also. No one was home. I arrived first.

We had a big German Shepard, in those days. No one would have dared to enter the house, friend or foe.

So... I'm coming up the walk. I see the dog in the window. He's very agitated.  I come up to the door and stumble with the key, the dog is very excited, going crazy waiting for me to open up and enter.  

I hear a noise in the basement. 

That was strange, no one was supposed to be home. 

The dog needs to get out, in the backyard to pee. I walk through the house with the dog following and enter the kitchen. I hear this chugging noise. and see the door to the basement is ajar. The door to the basement was in the kitchen. It was an old brick house. I let the dog out and walked over to the top of the basement stairs, and stood there looking down into the dark. The washing machine was running. I could hear the water swishing away.  And the smell of bleach, actually I felt heat come up.

"I called down the stairs"

I called down the stairs. No answer, but I could still hear the machine, chugging away. The lone light was turned off. Whoever was doing laundry wouldn't be down there, at this time of day. Especially with the light out. I knew no one was home. I slinked down the stairs, searching, feeling for the light in the dark, while the washer chug-a-lugged away. I found it and turned the light on.

Something wasn't right!
The washing machine was running. Full of water. No clothes in it. Just water. Chug, Chug. In the middle of the basement.

So... What was weird about it, was not that the machine was running.  What was funny was you needed to attach the hose to the sink before you could fill it with water.  It was unattached laying on the floor.  The water in the washer was hot, as if it were just filled, starting a wash, not a rinse.  Plus it was pulled out from the wall into the centre of the basement. To far away from the sink for the hose to reach it.

It would be Chug-a-lugging away 

in the dark, no one home.

I was thinking someone started the laundry before they left that morning. Forgot filling it and left it running, but that wasn't the case.  

You could feel the humidity in the air.  The water was that hot. It had soap, suds in it, and bleach.   

This same experience happened a few times. No one is home. Someone comes home, first. The kettle would be on the stove, whistling away, a blazing gas flame burning underneath. A tap would be running full blast, hot water. As if it were just turned on. Or, the TV would be on. Or, things wouldn't be were you left them. Feeling someone was in the room with you.  Those kinds of things.

We were just kids then and had vivid imaginations. I'm sure my sisters remember it differently...

I should tell you some scary stories about what happened in the attic.

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