My Dog Needs Medical Marijuana

Cleo getting on in years
This is one of my dogs Cleo.  She is a Champion Brindle Boxer.

She's getting on in years and now has a sore hip. A mild case of Hip Dysplasia.  Nothing serious, but I've heard the occasional whine here and there as she gets up, or a limp after exercise. 

Researching Your Answer

Have you ever had to make a formal criticism, on any subject?

You've picked the question, now you want to answer it.

We Live in Water

Written by Jess Walter

A Book Review

His sixth book.   A debut collection of thirteen fictional short stories.   The title of the book "We live in Water," taken from one of the stories.

You've Won A Million Dollars

What do you do?

Finally, after twenty-five years.

You've finally Won.

Ageing - Smoking Pot

An older women indulging in her medicine.
Prescribed by her Doctor
for her many aches and pains
(you could too!)

What a great time in history.  
Don't you think?

Living in a Country (Canada) where smoking pot is now becoming the norm, as in most civilized countries. 

Old Age - Working the Camera

Why do old people have so much trouble with electronic equipment?
Telephones, remotes, the camera on the computer.

Todays Topic

Old Age- Working the Camera


Life Expectancy

In Canada

How Long Can You Expect To Live?

Life expectancy is the measurement a baby born today, can expect to live and indicates the countries over all general health, compared to others.   In 2013, the average Canadian can expect to live to be 81.48 years of age.  Men, 78.89 and females 84.21 years. 

VEX, hex, SMASH, smooch

A Book Review 

VEX,  hex, SMASH, smooch

Constance Hale 
Author of Sin and Syntax