Writer's Block- Branching

Writer's  Block

We've all come across it at some point in our writing careers.

This is what I do.  I go crazy.

It works sometimes with me.
When it doesn't...

Then, I try


The quickest way to over come 

writers block. 

You're looking at the screen.  
Your fingers are on the keyboard.
The screen is blank.  
You sit there, and sit there.  
You had ideas but they've disappeared. 
Now everything is a blank.

You've come across the dreaded writer's block.

I found this technique to be helpful.

Called Branching 
and this is how it works.

An example of branching

  1. In the centre of the page I write my topic. Whatever it is.  In this case I chose My House, so I wrote it down, in the middle of the page.
    Exhibit #1

  2. From there, I wrote something about My House, asking short one or two word questions. Like branches of a tree. It kept growing and growing.

    Exhibit #2

See how it starts to look like a tree. It's that simple.  Great technique when you are at the beginning of the writing process, in the outlining and planning stage of your next best seller.

Try it!  It works.

Dog Brindle

1 comment:

Paulissa Kipp Visual Arts said...

Thank you for this. While I often compose while sitting at the computer, there are those times when I think I have something and begin typing to find out there is nothing coherent there. I will give this a try.