These Things Happen

Richard Kramer's first novel.

These Things Happen The story is set in New York City and covers a period of a few days, from the viewpoint of several people, and is about Wesley, a young fifteen year old teenager and his best friend Theo.  Wesley goes to live with his gay father, a lawyer and his father's lover.

He questions his father, about his gayness, since Theo his best friend has come out to him and the whole school.

The melding of dialogue is hard to follow, for me anyway.  I got lost almost on every page not realizing until too late who was speaking.  I had to retrace my tracks every time I opened the book.  Took longer than I felt, going through 250 pages. If you like dialogue fine, but I find it trying, at times, to the point I didn't want to finish reading the book.  

But I, trudged on and finished to my disappointment.  By disappointment I mean by saying...

"What was that all about?"

Boy - Boy's Friend?  
Dad - Dad's Friend? 
Mom - Mom's Friend?

Now that's a combination!

Hard to follow,
Like I said,
 "I constantly got lost in the dialogue."  

Only because I didn't understand it.  The way it was presented.  Not until I read the other reviews did the story unfold for me.  What's with that?

I should have thought like a teenager, then I would have gotten it.  I've forgotten what it was like to be one, it was so long ago, : (   but now realize my life was similar in many ways.  I bet a lot of people can relate.  To almost every character.
Not one stood out.  Not even Wesley.

I'd give this book three stars, but only for the topical subject matter.  Just not that interesting listening to talk, talk, talk, blah talk to beat.  Old folks like me just can't relate to teenagers.

I was left feeling short changed.


I missed that...

The most dramatic scene possible in the whole story and Richard fluffs over it.
It was over before I got to it.

But then again, that's not what the story was really about.  Or was it?

I won't discredit the whole book.  Richard Kramer is a master writer.  I do like his style.  Hopefully, there might be another book, in the near future.

I have a feeling there will be. This man has a lot to say.

I'll give it three stars.

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