Carry the One

A Book Review

carry the one

A Novel

Carol Anshaw

Carol Anshaw is an award winning writer.  The author of several novels, Aquamarine, Seven Moves, and Lucky in the Corner

In this novel... carry the one,  Carol starts with a bang then ends with a little spark.

What I gathered from the first chapter...

A wedding reception is winding up and people are leaving. It's three o'clock in the morning.  The reception has taken place in a barn on a farm, out in the country.  It's very dark out.  Five people are stoned and drunk and they all pack in a car driven by a girl named Olivia.  A car accident occurs. They've hit a young 13 yr. old girl, Casey Redman, who is killed.

A question arises from the start.  What is a young girl doing alone out on a lonely country road at three o'clock in the morning.  That part didn't make sense to me and wasn't explained.

My first of many stumbling blocks.

Jump forward in time. The story follows the lives of these people, their loves and dealing with their grief.  Two lesbians, an artist.  Nothing to do with the story.
The story is basically about their lives as grown-ups.  Which honestly isn't very exciting.  The characters weren't that well defined.

At first, I couldn't put it down.  The first chapter is the best part of the book.  The rest is just filler.  

After that chapter, I lost interest.  I finished but not enthusiastically. 

No I wouldn't recommend this book.  There was no sustenance, to feed my hungry appetite.

Two thumbs down.

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