Living a long life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live to be one hundred and five years of age.

Living a Long Life

Your immediate family is dead, you've out-lived your wife by forty years.  You can hardly remember her, you've even forgotten her name but not her face.  You don't miss her anymore, you gave up mourning for her a long time ago.  

Your daughter, maybe she died at birth, that was eighty years ago.  You thought you were talking to her yesterday.  You haven't seen your son since you booted him out of the house sixty-years ago because he wouldn't conform, to what you've forgotten.  Is he still living or dead?  You will never know.  He'd be nearing ninety years of age if alive today.  You'd forgive him now, and tell him your sorry, but you're too late.

Your other son, he used to come to visit but you were so miserable to him he stopped coming.  He drops by at Christmas for an hour with a present, and a promise to come by again soon but he's now old too and has his own family.

You've out lived most of your grand children if you've had any.  Your great grand children have never met you.  

The company you retired from has long ago folded.  The house you built with your bare hands has been demolished.  You can't remember if you had a car or not.  You think you did, they took your drivers licence away twenty years ago.

You've been living at a home for the elderly and sleep in a hospital bed.  You are so old now you can't get out of it.  Your bones break easy, your muscles are weak. You don't know these people.  They feed you food you can no longer taste.  They wash and dress you but you have no where to go.  They change your diapers for you, you can no longer do it yourself.  You're always cold.

Your eyesight is so bad now you can't read, even with glasses.  You don't understand Television or the Computer.  You have a phone on your bed side table but it never rings.  Everyday they put you in a wheelchair and wheel you over to the window.  You sit looking out the window daydreaming all day.  Days are endless, days turn to night, then morning comes again and your fussed over by these strangers all over again.  To sit and look out the window again and dream of a time when you were young, healthy and happy.  Your wife by your side.  Yes you've forgotten her name but you've never forgotten her face.

It makes you wonder, is it wise to live a long life.  It's hard to say...

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