Burial at Sea

What a great idea!
If I weren't so afraid of sharks I'd consider it!

Forgive me for being so morbid, lately.

Talking about Cremation, Caskets and Coffins
and growing old.

But in my research I came across 

Burial At Sea

Captain Ray Martyniuk

Captain Ray Martyniuk


Born and raised in Richmond, British Columbia, certified  Captain Ray Martyniuk  brings over twenty years of maritime experience 
to the West coast. 

Of course,
What a wonderful idea, I thought.
A spin-off from the cremation idea.
For all those seamen, 
and sea women and fishermen, 
the merchant marines...

People who love the sea.

I'm not going to go into statistics
but were running out of ground for burials.
Within the next sixty or seventy years
we're going to bury 6 billion people on this earth, 
from now until then.
With another 8 or 9 billion in waiting.
(est. are very rough but the numbers are up there)

This sounds like a great solution.
Once religions get around to accepting the practice.

Damn, we could build mountains 
or in this case islands.
Like in Dubai.
On human remains.

To read more on this subject
of being buried at sea go to:

Find out more what he says about sharks read more:

I don't really want to become fish food.

Dog Brindle.

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wenlaine said...

Haha, you're too funny, Mike. Interesting topic! Bill and I made our plans over 20 years ago. We purchased what we call our apartment, where we go after being cremated. The apt is lit inside with a glass front. Although it's indoors, there's a bench in front in the hallway. We have pictures to put inside with our urn and Bill had a brass plaque made up with our names inscribed and a little plate holder to put it on. It's a beautiful place.