The Middlesteins

The Middlesteins

A Novel

Jami Attenberg    A book review.

The Middlesteins a dysfunctional Jewish family living in Chicago. Three generations:  

Grandparents, Richard and Edie, their children, Robin and Benny (pot heads) and their children, Emily and Josh.  

Richard leaves his wife Edie (an extreme over-eater), after 40 years of marriage, when he realises soon after they married, she never loved him and has replaced him with food.

He files for divorce. 

Edie has become obsessed with food.   She is killing herself with food. Emily is following in her grandmothers footsteps. (@ 13 yrs. of age already obese, 350 lbs)

As they are going through a divorce, a funeral brings them together. He has found someone new and so has she.  The owner of a Chinese restuarant, who, just adores her.
Jami Attenberg style, keeps you interested.  Explains what obese people go through.  Not very pleasant. The only thing I found difficult was the lack of a conclusion and the sense of doom and gloom.
You're pretty much left up in the air, with the outcome.  Not much, if anything, about the future.  The end comes swiftly. 

Very thought provoking.  I'm sure most fat people will identify with this book and see themselves.  Me, I'm a bone rack, so I really couldn't identify but I certainly empathized with this families plight.   

I'd give it two thumbs up for subject matter, probably the number one problem we face today, and how it was told, Stylish and light. A good read.  

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