TWU and the Community Covenant

Trinity Western University Discriminating against Gay, Lesbian and Bisexuals

Campus Trinity Western University Langley BC

As advertised on their web site - The Evangelical Trinity Western University a faith based institution, ranked Canada's most "Enriching Educational Experiences" by Maclean's magazine, is located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, on a 157 acre campus - inspired by Christ's life and guided by his teachings is a place of academic scholarship. It's people, having a common vision - To transform lives>through Christ - through centred higher education, with plans to open Canada's first religious law school.

Bill Flanagan

Bill Flanagan, president of the Canadian Council of Law Deans stated in a Vancouver Sun interview with Douglas Todd, that he finds it very troubling that Trinity Western University's Bible-based "Community Covenant" states, "Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual" students may be subject to disciplinary measures including expulsion.

The Covenant in Question:

"Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unlawful in Canada.

Jonathan Raymond
Trinity's president, Jonathan Raymond, says their "Community Covenant" which forbids homosexual relationships and sex outside of marriage, is consistent with federal and provincial laws and exempt from legislation forbidding discrimination against homosexuals, based on the principles of "freedom of conscience and religion.  Making light of the situation by citing "Gossip, lying and drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes on campus are also listed in the a section of the "Covenant"

Is he trying to avoid the issue by (jabbing) putting in a little snippet like that. (I checked it out: it is)

That's not only the students, but staff and faculty.  He questions whether academic freedom exists at Trinity, since all faculty have to agree with the bible based "Covenant" too.  No one: student, teacher, cleaning lady, janitor.  No one is immune. 

Dr. Janet Epp-Buckingham
Dr. Janet Epp-Buckingham associate professor at Trinity, a "Christian Advocate" and an expert on Religious Freedoms and Human Rights and Church/State Relations wrote a column, that her mission is to "Develop Godly Leaders of Life" and that Christians, face a hostile environment in secular law schools.  She has fought against same sex marriage, abortion, and assisted suicides and since 1999, she has trained 40 students a year to become Christian Advocates. She says, the United States has 30 or more Catholic and Protestant law schools, so it won't be long before Canada has a Christian one.  In her column in "Christianity Today" she mentions Christian students are often told to keep their heads down and mouths shut.

I'm not making this stuff up!

We are not American!  We have our own laws.
Gerald Tremblay

The Federation of Canadian Law Societies dean, Gerald Tremblay is reviewing Trinities application.

Their web site, states they welcome people from all around the world, but do they?
You could argue they do, since everyone involved has to swear to the "Covenant".

I think it is a lot of bunk.  

Dog Brindle

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If opening a Law branch is so controversial, I don't quite understand why all other faculties are nice and operational, given that the university's values extend equally to all faculties. P.S. here's what Vancouver Sun has to say: