Grey Revolution - Seniors Wake Up

The Grey Revolution

Old Age Security, CPP, and Provincial Disability 

Seniors Wake Up

At no other time in history, do seniors have the power they have today...

Seniors out number any other type of voter including, race, and religion and now have the power to shape government legislation.  Politicians should pay attention to this growing trend.  

The myth:  Old Age Security, CPP, and Provincial Disabilities are some kind of charity or a handout.

Government employees receive:  Gold plated MP pensions, if not multi-pensions, Civil Service Government benefits, free healthcare, huge and outrageous retirement packages, 67 day paid holidays, 20 paid vacation days, unlimited sick days, what next.

Why is that?

Compare that to; what the average pensioner receives in Canada.  

*There's no comparison, we all know it's under the cost of living.  

The government tells us they are broke, there's not enough money to help our homeless, the sick, our Veterans, the thousands of Orphans, Aboriginal Indians, the list goes on...

But billions are spent on sports (hockey not included  :)
and G-20 events.

Over the last few years Canada 
has provided aid to: Haiti, Chile, Turkey 
and now Khanistan and Pakistan, 
To name a few.  Home to terrorists!
Have we forgotten about Osama Bin Laden?  

The unbelievable amount of money, the tons of food, our natural resources, our intellect, our goods, all being sent around the world, by: our government, big Canadian Business's and and array of different Religious groups, to these Foreign Countries.

I'm not against helping others.  Help is needed everywhere.  Why not help a Canadian

Harper seems to be more worried about what we look like to other Countries.  Relishing in the fact, he's the man in charge, of such a fabulous country. 

Hundreds of Canadian adoptable children are shoved aside to make 
room for foreign adoptable children.  

It makes no sense. 

Here in Canada, most retired seniors live on 
"fixed incomes" and receive no aid or any breaks.

Homelessness, abounds.  Look at Vancouver's Downtown Eastside as an example.  Look at the state of aboriginal affairs.  Look at all the children going hungry, hospitals are closing, dental care-to costly, the elderly go without proper medication, rents are going through the roof, the mentally ill are left on the streets, to fend for themselves.  To top it off gas prices are out of this world.  

When we are basically 
an oil rich country.

They call us, greedy seniors.  
Our pension referred to as an "Entitlement"

Is Old Age Security and Healthcare an"Entitlement"?

No, it is not!  

Most of us have been paying into it, all of our working lives.  Because the government decides to borrow that money and when they have to pay it back it gets a new status, called an "Entitlement."  

They've running out of money.  Tightening strings.

Yet, ships and planes full of food, shelters, clothing and medical supplies, even our Canadian trained doctors, teachers, and engineers, skilled labourers.
While we bring in thousands of immigrants a year.

Who won't assimilate and take advantage of our generous offer for welfare.
They laugh, they could never get such treatment at home and so easily.

Imagine if the Canadian government gave us 
"old folks" the same support as they give other countries.  

Are we turning a blind eye to a government that sponsors predators, like the BC Lottery Corp., Ontario Gaming, etc. or Casinos that creates a sense of false community, holding a house advantage, praying on the aged, the most vulnerable.

How fair is that?

There are (seven at last count) huge Casino's here in the Vancouver area.  Why aren't they helping the aging, or are they stealing whats left of their pensions?  

Is this all the government can offer 
seniors, as a form of recreation?

The experts have already told us, 
most of us are relying and expecting  
to win a lottery, to fund our future retirement.

The priority of the Canadian Government should be it's Canadian citizens before anything else.  We elect them to look after us.  

They aren't doing their job.  Seniors unite, and dump this government holding us hostage.  

The British call their pensions 
"Pension Schemes"  
Exactly what it is, 
a secretive and underhanded scheme. 

When the elections come up, I'm going to make sure I vote for a real Canadian, someone showing compassion, and a willingness to help the less fortunate and the aging, like me.

Prime timers Unite.

Lets meet at the casino.

Dog Brindle

extracted from an email posted to me.  Jan 15/13  anonymous.