The Demands of "Idle No More"

The demands of Idle No More...

What are they:

If you are like me...
"Idle no more." I'd never heard of it.

I didn't know what all the fuss was about, I even joked about it.  Then something hit me.

I checked it out.  

The Assembly of First Nations “items of consensus.”

This is roughly what their demands are:

Remember...I've been attacking Theresa Spence, her character, her associates and her motives.  Not the movement.  There is a lot more to this story.  If you have read or seen my other blogs, about Theresa, and all my negative comments.  I apologize.

I feel this has turned into something more serious, than I first thought.  

My bitchy remarks, are not needed, and could even hurt their cause.  I apologize.

This is basically the Nations Demands:    

  1. A framework necessary to enforce Treaties.
  2. Land claims to be rectified.
  3. Fair sharing of resources.
  4. Consistant legislation and support.
  5. Removing caps, on funding for First Nation programs and services.
  6. Focus on missing & murdered Indigenous peoples.
  7. Safe Schools that reflect, First Native languages and cultures.
  8. Fundamental change in government between First Nations and the Crown.

What's so hard for the 

Canadian Government 

to understand.

I believe in the hand shake and a mans word.

Idle No More has my backing from now on.

Theresa, Klayton, Peace.

Dog Brindle

PS. I should get back to work, on my book.  Google+ takes up a lot of time.  Editing takes forever.  When the end comes, I'll be doing it again, and then again.  As Mena Bruno, had warned me, weeks ago. She's promoting her own children's book.  Check her out.  

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