New Bridge Not Safe UPDATE

Port Mann Bridge

The New

Port Mann Bridge


Second Time Something has happened.
A bad Omen...Motorists be warned

    Photo (courtesy Greg Harper, City TV
    Crews dealing with 40 car accident
  • 40 Cars Involved in a pile-up 
this morning. Jan.3/13
  • One person taken to hospital.
  • This is the second event for the New Port Mann Bridge.
  • The bridge was closed for hours.
  • People still have to pay toll.

The first was ice bombs dropping onto hundreds of cars from the suspension cables. 
Dec. 28/12
250 claims for damage.
The bridge was closed most of the day.  
Commuters stranded.

Windshield smashed from ice bombs dropping on cars.
(courtesy Daniel Belonio)

Todays event:  The salt used to de-ice the road didn't work.  Leaving the road icy.

To top it all off:  Those people involved in the accident plus the other drivers who had to wait hours in backed up traffic, until it was safe, still have to pay the toll for the crossing.  

The shit's going to hit the fan.

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Update: All drivers with damage done to their cars from the falling ice bombs have to come up with their deductible to get their cars fixed.

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