Natives Are Getting Restless

Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters

Aboriginal Natives Going To Far

"Idle no More"

The border crossing near Cornwall, Ontario was shut down for safety reasons after protesters from First Nation Indians swarm the bridge.

Thousands were left stranded.

The Indian Chief (Theresa Spence) still on a hunger strike.  Until the meeting between the Indians and Prime Minister Harper actually takes place.
(Remember: I mentioned her in an earlier blog, that she makes $270,000 tax free while her tribe lives in squalor.)

Harper had agreed to meet.  He has given in.  

Apparently, they have lack of trust in the Canadian Government. They say the government is infringing on their treaties.

This is not the last we will hear of this.
Protests are happening all over Canada, even here at our Crossing in BC.

Indians in Canada, have never had it better.  What is the problem?  They should look at how their money is being spent.  Gimme, gimmie, without giving back.  

All their financial records are not open to the public, and kept under lock and key, letting the chiefs fleece.  

Why should we keep giving and giving, for what our ancestors did way back when.  That cannot be changed. No one should get special allowances any more.

Enough already. Why don't I get special treatment?  Why just them?  We owe them nothing. 

The problem boils down too:  Aboriginal Indians cannot assimilate.  We are all Canadians now.

Open another casino.

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