Low Down on Theresa Spence

Theresa Spence

 The Low Down on 

Theresa Spence

What's she all about...

Cadillac Escalade

Drives a $75,000 Cadillac Escalade with a 6.4 litter engine to drive around her small town of 300 houses.

$82,000,000 tax free- yes that's 82 million dollars, under her control in 2012 for 280,000 households.

No chiefs on her side will comment about her personal business.

Indian tribes will get 5 Billion for the next 10 years.

Gave up solid foods, but is drinking protein enriched fish liquid, while billions on earth starve.  She won't starve to death.

Her common law husband (Clayton Kennedy) makes $850 a day at his consulting firm, Moo Shum Enterprises Inc.

Other band members make over $100,000 per yr.

She lacks accountability on reserves.  

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau hears nothing of that.  He is an Algonquin Indian, himself saying that "Idle No More" is a smoke screen for the accountability legislation.  Wants a bill passed to force Chiefs to disclose salaries and expenses.

Wants more attention, even though Harper has agreed to meet and talk.  She's stirring the pot.

She also has gone under a different name Teresa Linkater and billed $25,660 for managing a daycare centre for three months.

Millions of dollars worth of stock, held by Attawapiskat Reserve in companies such as Apple, Disney, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Chiefs keep their people in the dark about all these concerns.

No one reported on the 
investigation last year by a third party, Ross Pope and Company, also a forensic audit that cleared the Band of any mismanagement.

Natives under such leadership are the victims of their own leaders.

This misappropriation of funds borders on fraud and theft which is why the government auditor was thrown out.  This hunger strike is meant to take attention away form the extreme mismanagement of funds.

Natives should be treated the same as every other Canadian.  They would get better schools, housing etc.

Who is paying for that great big luxurious teepee?

She will be exposed.

This is what I'm hearing, anyway.  
I know which side I'm on.

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