Kayla Bourke - Animal Killer Free

23 yr old Animal Killer Kayla Bourque 

Kayla Bourke  Accused Animal Killer

Released from Prison
and soon to be on a Vancouver Street near you.

BC Corrections issued a public warning today.  She plans to live in Vancouver.

Kayla Burke an ex student of SFU, a pet killer with a high probability to re-offend has been released from prison after serving 1 month for killing her family pets.
If you see this bitch, hide your pets and children she is likely to re-offend.

She's on probation for 8 months.  Big Deal.

She admitted to disembowelling and dismembering her cat, in Prince George, BC Police uncovered a video of her eviscerating (skinning) and hanging her pet dog while she narrated the video.

What!!!!!  and she's out on the street.

Admitted that she also wanted to kill a homeless man, and another, a resident of SFU.

After searching her room police discovered, a 7 in knife, razor blade, zap straps, a mask and a syringe.

She will be watched constantly, and has many restrictions.  

Police warn if you see he violating her conditions, to call the police.

My opinion: Torture her, then hang her, those poor, poor animals.
I better never bump into her, cause nothing makes me madder.  The bitch.
My Cleo and Patti are in jeopardy.

Here's a little tie-bit:  A charge of possessing child pornography was stayed.
That's right child pornography, what the hell is she doing out of jail.  Arrest the bitch and throw away the key.

I'm so upset I can't write anymore. 

Dog Brindle

--info from the desk of Susan Lazaruk at The Province Newspaper


Anonymous said...

You're blaming her for saying that she wants to go beyond torturing animals and also saying that you think she should be skinned and tortured. You're both sick.

Anonymous said...

She's been deemed not to be a psychopath.
I'd do the same to her.

Anonymous said...

Bourque.check the spelling of her name. it's Bourque. or sick bitch. dead bitch would sound better.

Michael Estey said...

I've actually seen in spelt both ways. Not too sure which is which. She might be going by Smith. lol