Inside Theresa Spence's TEE PEE

Theresa Spence Looking Like She's Well Fed

I'm not making this shit up....

Check it out for yourself...

This whole thing is getting ridiculous.

Also I found out:  Her boyfriend. (Clayton Kennedy) The man in charge of the finances for the Attawapiskat First Nation Tribe.  He went bankrupt.  Five years ago.
Now he's making $850 a day. 

Now they find out, he hasn't got the credentials to be a "Certified Accountant."  

With a missing trail of millions of dollars.

He refuses to speak about it.

Check that out too...

How long have they been together?  Is it common-law.  Are they considered married.  If so...

Hmmm... somethings more fishy that just the broth she's drinking.

If this were you or me, the Feds would be down our necks.  We'd be in prison.  

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