Idle No More Takes a Drastic Turn.


New Demands

A Big Joke

Theresa Spence's Protest "Idle No More" takes a turn.  She's putting the whole nation, protest in jeopardy.

She's isn't taking it anymore.  If a friend of hers isn't at the meeting she isn't going.
The PM will have to come to her.
She wants him to come knocking on her tee-pee.
"Cause She Isn't Budging."
She already has a meeting with Harper tomorrow but is cancelling.  A big mistake.  

For the publicity.  What else?
The First Nations Chiefs demands 
are constantly changing.  
Threatens they will close down 
the country.
Theresa even called the Queen hoping she'll be on her side.
Little help that will do her, 
even if she is.

Go Figure.
The whole things a big joke.

Dog Brindle

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