Gay Basher's Acquitted. Guilty as Hell

This story takes the cake, there is no justice done here:

They look so smug, don't they...
Brothers, Parmider and Ravinder Bass
leave Vancouver Povincial Court free men today. (CTV News)

What does it take to identify a person?  Unfortunately, More than six eye-witnesses, and security video.

The two brothers Parmider and Ravinder Bassi of Richmond BC were acquitted today.

The judge agreed there was an assault, and they were the men who preformed the vicious attack, but not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were the attackers, due to the surveillance camera images of two men, matching the description as they ran away and six eye witnesses.

Surveillence Camera catching the two men accused running away from scene of attack.

After urinating on their apartment building, they attacked the two gay men, David Holtzman and Peter Regier who asked them to stop.  They shouted anti-homophobic slurs at them also.  Holtzman has since died, of other unrelated causes.

There is no justice served here.   

Justice will be served.  Gays, won't put up with this anymore.  
I would be afraid, if I were those two.  They won't be going into the West End in the near future, that for sure.

I urge everyone to take a good look at these men.  They are no good.
They are guilty in everyone else eyes.

They'll be looking over there shoulders for the rest of their life. 
Vigilantes are everywhere.  
There will be no place for these two men to hide.

Hopefully, Robbie Bassi lost his job as a security screener at Vancouver Airport.
A screener for the Vancouver Airport, hmmm.  That process needs a look over.

They won't look so smug for much longer.

Justice will be served. 

Dog Brindle.


Anonymous said...

I think there is a real problem with this out come!
They should be both deported, thrown out like the garbage they both are!

Anonymous said...

Usually men that hate gay people are hiding some homo sexual desire within themselves.
These two need to get in touch with there true feelings and leave people they envy alone!