Dirty Tactics by Enbridge

Kristen Robinson / CHEK News

The Gateway Pipeline

Pulling the Wool 

over our eyes.

What's going on here:

280 people signed up to speak at hearings.
Protesters are sent to another hotel to watch on TV screens for fear of upsetting the panel.  How democratic is that?

This is supposed to be a public hearing.

All 280 people are against the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline.
And, so am I and you should be too.

Sounds like a dirty tactic by Enbridge Northern Pipeline, to get the pipeline built.  

All for Alberta, to be able to get their crude oil from Bruderheim in Alberta to Kitimat in British Columbia, destined for China and other Asian countries, to fuel their booming industries.

Why don't they want to listen:  
WE DON'T WANT THE PIPELINE crossing our pristine province.  

Could you imagine the environmental disaster that might happen?

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