Ageing - Queen Beatrix


Two Queens In Conversation

Queen Beatrix, "I'm finally going to retire, Liz what do you think?"

(leaked conversation between Queen Beatix and Queen Elizabeth) 

"Bea, my princess, oops! sorry Queen.  You're much too young," Queen Elizabeth says, between nibbles on her crumpet  "Don't tell me you're letting your son, take the reins?"


"I have no choice.  I've worked my ass off for 33 yrs.  I'm now 75.  My memory is not as good as it used to be.  I hope the people warm to poor Willem, he tries so hard but he'll never be the queen that I am? Bea said.

"You and I are very much alike." Liz said.  Both in mauve.  I knew I should have worn yellow.  I mean, You Willem.  Me Charles." 

"With Claus gone, and that crazy driver, well.

"Yes, I've had my share." Liz said, dapping the corner of her lip, with a Facial Royal.

"I remember the day when the Dutch were considered the most tolerant of all peoples.  All those nasty riots when I was inaugurated, all those Muslims that wouldn't assimilate, we've both been through hard times Liz.  
But you Liz.  Stay working until you die.  Your people love you."

"I plan to, but sometimes I get the gout so bad." Liz said. 

"I'm sorry to hear that, I promise to write, while I'm away. Barbados, Florida somewhere primitive."

"Do. Watch for the gators."

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