Ageing - Life Expectancy

Retiree dropped dead after
picking up last pay check.

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How many times have you heard?

"A man works hard all his life and retires. Then...
In a year, maybe months, maybe weeks or even days, he dies."

I've heard of a people leaving work on their last day and died!  Can you imagine?  Coming out the door. Plop.  Face on the sidewalk.  Deader than a doorknob.  Pronounced dead, by some hunky fireman. 

"Another Retiree,"he yells, to the paramedics, five other men from the cast of "Thunder Down Under." with their shirts off revealing their bulging muscles.  

No! That only happens in fairy tales.

What can we expect after we retire and how much time do we have left?  Let me tell you a story. 

A woman and her husband.  They had both just retired, working hard all their lives, putting up aluminum siding on houses. 
Summer and winter.

When they retired he bought a fifth wheel and a new truck to pull it.  They did a few short trips.  
Decided to snow-bird it down to Florida, for the winter.  Got there.  Set themselves up, in a cute little spot.

He got sick one afternoon, and suddenly died.
My mother alone, not knowing how to hook-up 
and drive away, a dead husband on ice, in a foreign country, was stranded and scared.  She left the trailer there and drove home in the truck by herself, with the help from other empathetic, RVer's. Who got her unhooked and off.  God bless those RVer's.  Two or three offered to drive her home. 

Imagine the drive home, her grief, alone.

He was into his retirement, not more than five years when this happened. 

I got my calculator out.  If you retire at the age of 65 and live to be 85.   You have just 20 years.  Most people don't make it that far.  Say you live to be 80.  You only have fifteen years.  Say you live to be 75, ten.  Seventy, five years left.  

Even if you lived to be 85, twenty years, it's not very long.  Especially, when you are talking in life years, and time seems to go faster as you age and you don't have any time for anything, or anyone.

I had to look it up. I googled it.  I typed in:
*how long does the average person live after he retires.*

E-gads!!! 6,070,00 results
I don't believe it!

Damn, I said to the computer.
I read the first few posts and got this info, enough to wrap this up.

  • The average person that retired at 65 lived an average 18 years.  Not much.
  • People that retire at 55 have double the death rate than people who retired at 65. Yikes!
So, what does this all mean.

When your time is up, it's up!

Then it dawned on me.

Over 6 million results,
People are talking.

My advice.

Work as long as you can or want 
and enjoy what you are doing.  
Stress is one of the major factors 
that causes premature death after retirement.

What do you think? 
Not going to happen to you?

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