Rubber Band Guns

Dog with original rubber gun.

       Rubber Band Guns
The Outlaw or The Sheriff
Comes in a kit as shown.

There isn't a boy out there that wouldn't want one of these.

Texting for Seniors


It's Not Easy

Once you get the hang of it you're fine.  Until then.  You're on your own.
(Hint: grow thumb nails long and file
to a point and don't worry what other 
people may say). You don't know what a coke spoon looks like, anyway.

How Time Flies

This is Patti...

It seems like yesterday she came into my life.  That was over five years ago, more like six. Boy, how time flies.

!@#% What Does it Mean?




Pot the New Cash Cow

Pot the New Cash Cow

Decriminalizing Marijuana  

Wouldn't you know it, the Provincial Government...

Chain Letters


You've got to hate them,
You can't ignore them,
What are you to do with them?


Book Review


Author :Tom Bullough

Sheppard's Pie

Easy to Make

Sheppard's Pie

  A Poor Man's Dinner

"Guaranteed to ki fill ya"

My Micro Wave Oven

My Micro Wave Oven

Do you remember? The new monster in your kitchen. No! too young you say...

Pattullo Bridge Closing

Pattullo Bridge Closing

What are we to do if we have to wait for a new bridge to be built?

Skull Rock, Joshua National Park a Must See!

Nothing beats lying around the pool 
on a hot sunny day, but there is more to

Palm Springs

Skull Rock


Joshua National Park

You can't help but imagine 
a giant buried up to the neck, 
deep in the ground.  
It's skull now exposed.

Is it real?

We were driving through the park.
And there it was.
A small hike from the road and parking lot.
Well worth it. Take the time to get out of the car.
Your imagination will go wild.

No, it's not really a skull.  It's a rock.
But to the Native Indians, way back.
 I'm sure it was.  
It amazed me.

It had an eerie feeling about it.
I loved it!

Rent a car for a day,
There's campsites, the whole nine yards.
See Joshua National Park and Skull Rock 
you won't be disappointed.

Dog Brindle

for more info, maps, campsites, etc. 

Joan Rivers. I Hate Everyone Starting With Me...



Is it just me or is it right?
Joan has a good attitude, I will give her that.
Is it right?
She seems to be oblivious 
about her own age.
As if she's not old. She's bionic!  
How does she do that and make me believe it?
No wonder gays love her.

If I say the book sucks, 
Joan would say how good did it feel. 

It is good bathroom material.
Jam packed full of one liners, for those short trips.
Sorry Joan, we love you.
Jewish jokes, been there.
Black and gay jokes, still doing them.
Old people jokes.
Bestiality, Swallowing, Anal.
Come on.
Nothing new.
I have to admit 
one or two  
did make me laugh.  
I saw myself. 
And in a way, that's good, isn't it?
I laughed at myself. 
And isn't that what a good comic is all about?  
Can make you laugh at yourself.

A little boring.
Joke after Joke. Wham bam.
No story, or revelations.
I thought I heard her talking.
I even looked up, thinking she was standing in my bathroom talking to me.  YIKES!
Did she use those jokes in her act, or on TV?
I've heard most of them.
No, not TV material. Not allowed.
She's doing the casino circuit. 
River Rock, Red Robinson?
I can't remember, I saw her at one of them??
I said the same thing.
Have I heard this before? 
The book sounds like her shtick.

I mean is it right?
That an old woman should talk this way.
Dirty, and foul mouthed.
Is it right for an eighty year old woman 
to talk about 'The Lips of a C**t'?
Excuse me. It's hard for me to say.
She's talking about hers too,
in real time, not a pretty visual. 
But does that make it right?

It just makes me uncomfortable, that's all.
So no, it's not right!

Dog Brindle
and no, I'm not a prude.

'Books We Like'

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