While Europe Slept

While Europe Slept

How Radical Islam is 

Destroying the West from Within

Author: Bruce Bawer

If you're not paranoid now, you will be. 
in these post 911 times of terrorism, 
sky bombings, anthrax, and all that shit.  
Then read this book.  

Basically about tolerance (Europe)
and intolerance (Islam)

The Islamic Master Plan.

Bruce Bawer the author, a gay man moves to Europe with his lover, as if that matters, but it does give you a gay's perspective. He tells of his experiences and observations as he sees them, the mass migration of Muslims, infact the largest migration of any humans ever, and it is happening in Europe and other places right now, as I type. The infiltration of all European Governments. The assimilation that was promised but never materialized, multi-culturalism collapsing, all these things happening, in Europe right now. 

They are not leaving old customs as they should,but instead they're bringing them as they leave the old country.

Did the English, French, Spanish and other Europeans that migrated to North America assimilate with the Native Indians? NO. Did they bring their gods with them, too? YES. But that's another blog.  

Actually he calls them problems, and you might agree which I hope you do.

  • Homosexuals, harrassed and killed.(for the author I listed this first)
  • Women, oppressed and abused.
  • Honor killings and disfigurings. (gasoline the preferred method.)
  • Forced marriages. (Prearranged at birth)
  • The illusion that multiculturalism works, Muslims not assimulating, forming there own neighbourhoods, infiltrating the govenment to change laws for their protection, to build, etc.
  • Living off the system. (Welfare fraud)
  • Buying up property.
  • The list goes on, until you get to the final solution... The Extreme Islamic Ultimate Plan for the world.(the scary part)

In other words Muslim, dominance...

Will Europe stand up to them?

Watch our own parliament while in session.  Count the turbans. I live in Surrey remember. I'm the minority here and I also know how extreme some Islamic people can be concerning their religious beliefs. I'll say no more in fear of some Thuggee, come slit my throat.  

I saw those al-Qaeda videos of the beheadings...

I know they are still out there on the internet somewhere, you'll have to search it out yourself.  They are real.

They have cases here in Vancouver, of women, burned with gasoline, by their fanatical husbands for stepping out of line. I know it happens and is not just here-say. 

It all boils down to religion, which we are not supposed to talk about, are we?  Gets people upset.  

A great read.  Bruce is a good investigator, his observation and communication skills are bar none. For such a complicated subject, he drives right in with his foot off the clutch and you go along for the ride, I couldn't put it down.    

I give this book two thumbs up, 
and highly recommend it.

Read the Book 

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