The Quality of Light

The Quality of Light

Author:  Richard Collins

Book Review

Isabel, Michael and Daniel meet, on the wrong side of the tracks.

 In a gallery, no a school, no a warehouse,  from their yesteryear.  
Architecture?  Artists of some kind.
Was I sleeping and reading at the same time.
They are studying buildings, in the area which is, on the wrong side of the tracks, of where Richard doesn't say.
It could be anywhere.  Like I said, was I sleeping.
They stay in a hostel. A dump. 
Take it from there.  Love, sex all that stuff.
Even if you have to imagine it.
No, it's not porno, hardly. The author treats the subject with dignity.

By that I mean.

It was boring.
The plot was hard to follow, with weak character descriptions.  No one stood out.  Was there a main character?
I got lost from one corner to the next. Where was that?
Melancholy Avenue, Serenity Square, Contemplative Crescent off Jolly Street.

Wouldn't you agree?  Could be anywhere. Or is he just making fun?
Even if Richard told everyone reading the book, where the hell they where, I didn't hear it.
One scene looked like the other and no main character stood out. Where am I? 

I didn't know who to cheer for, so I chose Michael's character, the underdog, I had empathy for him.  Why?  I haven't got a clue.

                    I'd give it a thumb up 
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