Something Like Summer

Something Like Summer

Author: Jay Bell

A Book Review

Again, from the books we like shelf at the Surrey Public Library.  I'm going to have to complain next time I'm there.

What a perfect world Jay Bell writes about; Houston, Austin, Galveston.  Of all places, who would have known, Texas.  I was surprised it so liberal, considering the topic.  Young homosexual lustful love.

Where else could you write a love story but Texas just for the shock value.   A young teenage boy falls in love with another young teenage boy, at his school.  Boy cheats on boy.  Boy leaves boy.  Boy meets another boy then loses new boy and ends up with old boy.  Harlequinish! 

Hey, I didn't make this up, Jay Bell did!  A perfect world where a person can be who he/she wants to be and fall in love with anyone he/she wants too.
But Texas?  Would be nice wouldn't it?

A good book to get lost in.    It kept me interested and left me a little unsettled in the end.  If life were only that easy.  I felt cheated, a last minute write to finish the manuscript. To live happily ever after, doesn't happen.

Easy style, maybe to easy.  Almost boring it was so perfect.  

I'd give it one thumb up.

Dog Brindle.


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