Police - Xmas Cards

Christmas Card being sent out by the Police

Christmas Cards Sent to Possible Future Felons in Abbotsford 

From Police Chief Constable 

Bob Rich

This takes the cake.  
This is why we need our own police force.

I heard...
The police of Abbotsford, 
British Columbia are sending out Christmas cards 
to a few undesirables this Xmas, 
as a warning that Santa is watching them.

I'm sure a lot of mom's (dad's too) 
will have a lot to say about this.  
Santa sporting a machine gun and bullet proof vest.
Is it sending the right message?

It asks the receiver of the card, 
which list will you be on next year?  
Santa's or theirs.  

Silly wouldn't you agree?

If you do get one, 
you should automatically know 
which list your on and get out of town. 
How stupid, do the police think people are?

That's the cops, for you, wasting money.  
We need our own Provincial police force.  
Like they have in Ontario, the OPP
It's time.

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