Nazi Uniforms - Hugo Boss

What !!!

Hugo Boss, made uniforms for Hitler's Army and he was a Nazi !!! Hitler launched his career after he went bankrupt, and was left with only 8 sewing machines...  

I was just watching a new video from National Geographic.  About the rise of Adolf Hitler.  

I was surprised to hear:  Boss designed and he made millions of dollars making the Nazi uniform, some destined to be worn by Hitler's Youth and the SS, that company turns out to be Hugo Boss.

He became a Nazi, an activist and used forced labor to make them.  (Prisoners of War)  Profiting from war.  Of course, he was sued after the war and  he paid the absolute minimum in restitution.

Isn't that called abetting?  Isn't that encouraging or assisting someone to commit a crime?  

Believe it or not! Some people think Hugo should win an award, for making the shittiest uniforms. The Germans, complained they were too hot, itchy, heavy when wet etc. which helped us win the war.

If there is such a thing as karma.  Then he got his.
I won't be buying that label, ever.

Watch the movie: Adolf Hitler.  Part One.

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