Made in China

The Garrison Oil-Filled Heater


sold at a Canadian Tire Store near you.


This item surely is the worst, piece of crap sold this year.
It cost fifty bucks on sale.
We've had it for three weeks.
It has burnt itself out, already. 
I investigated...

From the start, I thought it cheap.  Equivalent to a hair blower. 
After plugging it in, it got hot and made strange clanging sounds. 

I thought. "Too hot.  What's that sound?"

I turned it down.
I heard it click in and out as it struggled to keep the temperature at a steady level.  

"That's unusually loud," I thought. 

I went to bed last night.  The heater on.
That in itself.  Enough to keep me up.

Anyway... long story short.  I woke up.  The heater was cold as ice.  Dead.  It wouldn't start up again.
A fuse, no.  It was just dead.

I looked at the box.
I found out my neighbor has the same heater.  His died also.
He replaced it, returning it to the store.
It died also.


Then I found the problem.

Made in China.

Dog Brindle

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