Death of the Port Mann

Death of the 

Port Mann

Landfill site on the south side of the Fraser River and west of Highway #1 should be turned into a memorial park, in the name of the old bridge soon to be torn down. Preferably a dog park.  

Suggested name:

The Old Port Mann Bridge Memorial Park. 

There she sits, next to it's new sister bridge, which is taking her name. She stands there proud but empty.  No cars drive it's surface anymore those days are over.  She's being put down.  
Like an old dog.

The Port Mann Bridge has died.

Beneath the new Port Mann Bridge.
The cement pillars of the new bridge
make the old ones holding the original
look like toothpicks.
The old bridge is on the slate to be torn down.

Map of Landfill Site 
Looking West at both bridges
from the top of the landfill.
Could this be a new park? Suggest a name,
I thought,

The Port Mann Memorial Bridge Park

sounded pretty good.
 The landfill. Beautiful.
West of the bridges on top
 of the landfill looking south.
Should be destined to be a park one day.

Start a rumor, Write to: 

Dianne Watts (Mayor of Surrey)

The trail back under the bridges from the landfill.

An ominous view, the sun long gone, walking back under the bridges.
A sign, DANGER it reads,
an Omen perhaps.

Dog Brindle

for more info on the bridges:
Port Mann/Highway 1

the opening of the new bridge:
Opening of New Port Mann Bridge

Relax don't be so serious....

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