Catholics Come Home

Catholics Come Home

Gays Keep Away 

Or Change 

Or Stop Being Who You Are

I don't know if you have noticed the ad campaign
on television, lately.  Everyday, around supper time.
It glorifies the beauty and history of the Catholic Religion.

They don't mention the hatred, the strict adherence to the forms of Christian doctrine that Catholicism has spread throughout the centuries.

They say, if you left the church for any reason to "come back."  

What if you are gay, will they still let you come home and still be gay?

I doubt it!  Unless you become celibate, and heed their homophobic ways.

It's possible you say.

and I say...

Only if you hate yourself.

It seems people are giving up on the Catholic Religion and they need recruits, which boils down to money. 

If the Catholic Church doesn't want to change,

Fuck'em, I say.

They say they are all embracing but are they...

God Bless.
Dog Brindle

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