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Gateway Casino's Playing Dirty

City of Surrey's council meeting on Dec. 10 infiltrated by bus loads of pro casino lobbyists.

The Project:  

  • A plan by the BC Lottery Corp. & Gateway Casinos to build an entertainment-focused casino at 168th St. and 10th Ave.  
  • A 60,000-sq-ft gaming area
  • 27,000-sq-ft convention/entertainment centre
  • 200 room four star hotel on a 25 acre site
  • w/parking for 1,200 guests

Est. revenue for the City of Surrey
$6 million.
1,200 jobs during construction.

A promise to hire 500 local, employees for high paying jobs after completion.  
(since when are dealers, security, cleaning etc. high paying jobs)

At the meeting:

  • 4 Large buses, parked out of sight a few blocks away, 2 w/window tags reading Grand Villa Casino from Burnaby.  All 4 buses confirmed after the meeting to be from Gateway Casino's.
  • Hundreds of people packed city hall, donning identical blue T-shirts.  STRONG SURREY  written on the front, on the back YES
  • Most of the people wearing these T-shirts were employees of Gateway casinos bused in specifically for the event.

Excerpt from the Now Newpaper:
Viewpoint  Dec. 20
Peter Battistoni, Surrey

"What a cynical way for Gateway to try to deceive city council into believing there is more support for the casino than there really is.  To bus in employees from other municipalities to stack a meeting is deplorable and desperate."

As for me:  We have enough casinos around town, another one isn't necessary.  Check the racetrack Clover Downs on any given night.

It's estimated, 78% of Surrey residents spent there gambling money outside Surrey.

Why have another?
Haven't they stripped enough old age pensioners from their hard earned dollars, already.
Where is all this profit going, anyway. 
I don't see it!

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