!@#% What Does it Mean?





I stretch my thumb until I yell,

A co-worker spills his coffee.
Some of it splashes on his white shirt.
"!@#%," he yells.

What are we actually saying and
is it language?

I typed it in Google Search.

Nothing came up. 
I looked it up in my Webster's,
Nothing listed.

I know what it means.

But I don't know, how I know, 
I can't even pronounce it.
Can you? 
Or is it just understood without verbalizing.

I've seen it many times, in print.
And heard it, spoke. 

It didn't sound anything like.
and different each time.
Sometimes, F___, sometimes Sh**,
Sometimes C---, Sometimes D..k,
Sometimes even Jesus,
For !@#% sakes!

Is it slang?

In print, does it make you stumble when you read it?

Why is it always used in situations 

when one gets hurt, or is angry?

Did you ever hear a lottery winner yell, "!@#%"

It's not an acronym:
It's not formed by the initial letters of other words because it not a word.

It's not a homonym, nor a synonym.
Is there even a word 
to describe what it is?
If it's not in the dictionary then it's not a word.

But it has meaning.  I know what it means.
How can that be?

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