UnGodly, Nothing But Filth

Angus T. Jones

Ungrateful Child Star from 

"Two and a Half Men"

UnGodly, Nothing But Filth

Against his Christian Beliefs, he says.  
It's bad bad bad, he says.
(watch short TMZ video first), 
then you will know why I've chosen to talk about him.  
He makes my blood boil.  
Angus T. Jones

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Another, born again Christian.
See what I mean?
As if, as if... as if anything he says
will influence what I watch on television. 
I'm not even going to analize this.  
That's right.  
Not a spelling mistake.

Even though he was pudgy, he was cute.
As he get older.

His career will be over. 
His boat is sinking.
He'll no longer be a child star.  
That $300,000 cheque
an episode will soon stop coming.
He's been stereotyped. 
He's on drugs, gets into trouble.
A typical Hollywood child star. 
Once that show gets cancelled.
He's history.  He knows that.
He's not a very good actor.  
he has turned to God. 
Was that part of his sentencing 
after receiving countless drunk driving charges?
Trying to do the Charlie Sheen thing 
but couldn't pull it off. 
Is that in Beverly Hills, or Malibu?
or Vegas?

What a bunch of crap.
Excuse me while I go throw up.
Angus up your anus!

Read the full interview

Read what he's saying now 

I think he's still on drugs.

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