Texting for Seniors


It's Not Easy

Once you get the hang of it you're fine.  Until then.  You're on your own.
(Hint: grow thumb nails long and file
to a point and don't worry what other 
people may say). You don't know what a coke spoon looks like, anyway.

Look at me. Lost in Cyberworld.
My eyesight failing.
Screen getting smaller.
The only thing getting bigger are my glasses.
Thicker and heavier. 
Damn, where are they?
Is that a zero or an O.
As I put my glasses on, I plainly see.
It's an X. Hidden under...
Is that jam, smeared across the screen?

Damn battery, signal lost.
Try again. Now plugged to the wall.
What's that buzzing? What, no ring anymore?
Oh! tickles.
It's Mary, she's bored, what am I doing?
Nothing. I send.

Someone else.
Hi. Old Bart down the hall.
Too, lazy to come see me.
Hi. I Send.

This goes on all day.
Buzzz, Oh that tickles
Hi. This time I type in...  
Watch this funny clip...from TEAM COCO.
I send. I Hang up.

Buzzz.  Oh that tickles.
Hi. Bart (from down the hall) has typed.
Hi. I send.

All day long. Still plugged to the wall. Recharging. 
Buzzz, vibrating along the kitchen counter.
I run. I slip. I grab phone as I fall.
Oh, my hip!
I look at screen, Hi. Old Bart.
Hi. I send.  Sitting on floor, rubbing my side.

Dog Brindle lol

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