Sheppard's Pie

Easy to Make

Sheppard's Pie

  A Poor Man's Dinner

"Guaranteed to ki fill ya"

Sheppard's Pie, 

Cheap, cheap, cheap 

For those on a tight budget.  You'll leave the table feeling full. Very heavy. So prepare for an nap. 

Sheppard's Pie

Top off with a big glass of juice.  

This is all you need 
to make this delicious, tasty meal. 

Frozen Peas / Corn
Cheese optional
Carrots optional
Green Onions optional
a casserole dish, 
10 inch frying pan
potatoe masher, spoon

First Prepare the Potatoes.
Peel, cut, rinse and boil. Let stand.
Add a splash of cream. Mash. 
Add more cream for creamier mashed potatoes.
Set aside.
Prepare the hamburger.
Put in frying pan, and fry until browned.
Drain if you really cheaped out and bought regular.
Prepare the casserole dish, butter sides and bottom.

First Layer
Add 1/2 the mashed potatoes first.  Press down flat.
Second Layer
Add hamburger flatten down over surface.
Third Layer
Add the frozen veggies, spread over surface.
Add last layer, the rest of the potatoes. 
And flatten on top.
Time for the oven.  325 degrees for 40 minutes.
After bell goes off, take out of the oven and add
Put back in oven for 15 min. to melt cheese
Spread it over the surface and 
put back into the oven with the lid off.

While that melts, 
boil some carrots to add to the plate.
Take out of oven and serve.

Add green onions for color.


Not for calorie counters.  Especially if you like butter on top of those mashed potatoes.


A hungry man's meal.

P.S. Makes great left overs.

Dog Brindle.

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