Pot the New Cash Cow

Pot the New Cash Cow

Decriminalizing Marijuana  

Wouldn't you know it, the Provincial Government...

Do we really need the BC Provincial Government in the cannibus business?  
This is one business the government should stay away from, let the non-profit compassion clubs look after it.
They're doing an excellent job.  Wouldn't it be easier if they were just allowed to build a larger clientele. 

What are they thinking... 

But no, since they can't beat the pot smokers, now they figure why not go with the flow.  They've figured it to death, profit, profit, free money.

Look at the Liquor Control Board.

Look at the Lottery Corporation.
Look at Aircare, ICBC, Translink, BC Ferries.
I hate to say it, BC Medical.
All run by crooked, greedy CEO's getting what they can for themselves, in pensions and incentives. 

Do we need them running and ruining, something that has been working for more than a century?

To me, they're going about it the wrong way, before they go and open pot shops around the Province, people better stop and think.  It's still illegal! No matter what the Province thinks. It's a Federal thing. 

I can see Harper's fists in the air now, 


CIA starts pulling on his strings.

Harper starts shaking... 

Also:  People seem to think that by legalizing pot, it will take away the criminal element.  

I'm sorry to say, it will only help the criminals by providing other provinces with pot, where it's illegal to grow.  Expanding their market.

United States won't like that, either.

Harper starts biting his finger nails...  

Listen to what Harper Has to Say on the Subject

First:  He's very out of touch, you can tell he has no experience with pot.  In other words he doesn't know what he's talking about.  He demeans and talks down about us, meaning you and me, us pot smokers.  To him, you are scum, a narcotic drug user.
 Second:  The Federal Government has to get a backbone and decriminalize pot completely, before anyone can set up shop, to sell cannabis to people without a medical prescription. 

It ain't going away. 

Decriminalize first.  Then hang the sign out proudly, "BUSINESS NOW OPEN."

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