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Author :Tom Bullough


Author: Tom Bullough

What a beautiful story.  Well told.  The story of a poor boy, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, stricken with disease which left him deaf.  The story of a would be scientist, an astronomer, an inventor, growing up in Russia in the eighteen hundreds.  Hard to believe it a novel and not a  biography. 
I have one problem with this book.  Russian, it’s not an easy language.  I was constantly on translator, what is an izvozchiki?   Names like Alexei Ilyich Rednikov or Vasily Vasilyevich, sounds like cartoon characters, but once I got to know them, and realized where I was, those names became very appropriate.  Preobrazhenskaya Street! I know where that is. I can see the gold domes of Trifonov.  See, once you get into it, it gets easier.  
I’m not quite up on my Russian, words and names like that don’t roll off your tongue that easily.  I stumbled with them, trying to say them like a Russian, but failed miserably.   Those big words that don’t look like words at all, do slow down the reading at first.
Besides all the funny words.  I truly enjoyed this book.  It took me somewhere, a place I’ve never been, in a time I can hardly imagine.  I give it five stars and highly recommend it.

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