How Time Flies

This is Patti...

It seems like yesterday she came into my life.  That was over five years ago, more like six. Boy, how time flies.

How Time Flies

Patti was one of six, Boxer pups.
She looked like her dad.
Titus. A Champion.

She was the ugly duckling.
She was a handful, at first.
Not the runt, but the fattest.
The biggest, a natural born bully.
She had long legs, and a big belly.
And the ugliest of white markings 
on her beautiful black mask.
No body wanted her. 

She watched as her brothers and sisters 
got picked and found new homes.
But not her.
Nothing's really changed.
She went from a puppy to a big dog.
And it's only been 5 years.
She got uglier.
She's got me.

Dog Brindle

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