Rubber Band Guns

Dog with original rubber gun.

       Rubber Band Guns
The Outlaw or The Sheriff
Comes in a kit as shown.

There isn't a boy out there that wouldn't want one of these.
But Is it appropriate, this day and age?
Wouldn't you know it.
Branded, with a hot poker, 
"Proudly Built in the U S A" 
 The damn Yankee's, with their guns.  

"Every man has the right to bear arms, 
even if it is a boy-child." 

Didn't Charlton Heston say that? 
Are you sure?  Just before he said, 

"Over my cold dead hands." 

I really wasn't listening.

I bet the NRA has something to do with this.
Every boy-child with an elastic band will have to register his fingers with the government.  And the ammo locked away.  

To child proof them while not in use, they'll need special tamper proof lockers, to store the ammo (rubber bands) in. Soon to be sold at a Box Store near you, made from recycled pop bottles.

Now, a boy-child has a choice.  
Either, The Outlaw or the Sheriff, for rapid fire.
He wants the finest money can buy.
The Outlaw
The Sheriff

Watch this idiot (Robert Coulston) as his kid, almost loses an eye. The kid looks very familar. I'm sure he's been on the cover of Mad Magazine. 
Do you have to sign a waiver?

He's arming America, People!  
Infiltrating our youth.  Starting at an early age.
Start training when their young, his philosophy.
Hitler's youth = American youth
Brown coats = Silly man in costume of cowboy.
I'm not kidding.  History proves, the Jews didn't realize what was happening, until it was too late.  Now, neither do we.

If you want to buy one go to this page
But remember, you've been forewarned of a possible coup d'e-tat.

I'm serious.  

As far as guns go as toys,
I give this product, two thumbs down.  
So, it's an "nay"

Not politically correct.  Dumb.  Promotes Violence, stupid, and I'm too old to play with it.
(Apparently not by the ages in the video, how old are they?)

Hmmm, that gives me an idea, Dolls for Girls. 
Can it be a future topic to blog about, or is it appropriate in this day and age?

Dog Brindle  :)


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